Meaningful Mondays – Industry West Headquarters

This has been an unprecedented year of historic renovations in #Jacksonville. This is something that we’ve been passionate about for a long time because it’s so meaningful to preserving the history of our city, and honoring the beauty and integrity of these once-beautiful old buildings. For the next few weeks, we are going to highlight a project that we’ve been involved with, are currently involved with or will be involved with. Welcome to our Meaningful Monday Series.
(Most of the historic information was taken from and inspired by Wayne Wood’s newly-released book, Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage-Landmarks for the Future, available at Jacksonville Historical Society )
We’ll start with the most recently completed project, the Industry West headquarters at 1001 Kings Avenue. Built between 1903-1910, it was first a grocery store, then Belote Hardware store for the next 50 years. The store owner was William P. Belote, who was also elected mayor of South Jacksonville in 1916.
It has now been painstakingly renovated to be the very chic home of Industry West, a global design company, headquartered in Jacksonville. Working with bold line design and Corner Lot
to painstakingly take this old building and turn it into a functional, yet cutting-edge and contemporary space has been a challenging and rewarding project for our team.

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