Historic renovations in Granada Spain

Adaptive Reuse – Heritage as a catalyst for redevelopment

Our Meaningful Mondays series highlights historic renovations and adaptive reuse projects that @avantbuilds is involved with in Jacksonville. As Avant’s owners are in Spain, we wanted to show some examples of historic building renovations from a city that is many 100s of years older than Jacksonville. Renovation of older and historically significant buildings is seen throughout the world. Train stations become trendy shopping malls and restaurants, cathedrals become hotels, and ancient defense walls become public parks and bike paths. Being able to successfully adapt a structure to be more efficient and useful for a changing society not only preserves the history but is often a catalyst for economic development and environmental sustainability.
Pictured here: A 16th-century monument is renovated to be part of a university; an old mortuary becomes trendy office space; a 16th-century palace becomes a 4-star hote