Meaningful Monday – Hardwick’s Bar

Our Meaningful Monday series highlights the character and integrity of the beautiful old buildings in Downtown Jacksonville. This week’s highlight is 100 East Adams Street. The building was built in 1926 as one of twenty-six corner lots that were purchased throughout the city by the United Cigar Store. According to Wayne Wood’s book, Jacksonville’s Architectural Heritage-Landmarks for the Future, each building contained nine retail storefronts, with the corner spaces reserved for the cigar stores. This particular building, built in the Mediterranean Revival architectural style, is the best example of the old cigar shops. 

In recent history, the property has been home to several other establishments, including London Bridge and Burro Bar. Currently, owners Elias Hionides of and Tim Hoal are doing a total renovation to the property, which will soon become Hardwicks Bar, the first LGBTQIA+ bar to open in Jacksonville in 20 years. 

Avant was hired by Hionides, of Petra – a boutique real estate and development firm, to do the complete renovation.

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